DiCHI Index; Daily Momentum Direction for Forex FX Currency Pairs and Precious Metals

DiCHI Forex Index; Di=Directional C=Currency H=Height I=Indicator Index. Click Here or Scroll down for DiCHI Forex Index explanations.

This free version of the DiCHI Forex FX Currency Trading Momentum Direction Signals may have time delayed info. Website Disclosure/Disclaimer

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Explanations for the DiCHI Forex Index

Currency pairs are the first seventeen pairs listed and precious metal pairs are the last four pairs listed. Please note that the four precious metal pairs, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, are paired with the U.S. dollar.

Date and Time

DATE; is the date the column information was recorded.

TIME; is the time of day the column information was created. The DiCHI Index is updated once per day using the closing Forex prices of the United States currency trading day (5:00 P.M. EST). Please note all 2011 and forward times are East Coast USA (EST). All 2010 times listed are Newport Beach, California time (Pacific Coast USA Time Zone) add three hours for East Coast USA time.


TREND NUMBERS; the numbers represent short term momentum direction. The numbers used are 0 thru 5 and 0 thru -5. Therefore a reading of 5 (positive 5) indicates strong upward momentum and a -5 (negative 5) indicates strong downward momentum. A green number indicates a positive (up) reading and a red number indicates a negative (down) reading.

TREND ARROWS; large green arrow indicates that the currency pair is in an upward trend or large red arrow indicates the currency pair is in a downward trend.

S ;indicates the currency pair is most likely in a sideways trading channel and could be a potential candidate for scalping or short term trading using the Bollinger Band Method. NOTE: per currency pair look for S several days in a row to view a potential developing sideways moving trading channel.


PRICE NUMBERS; is the transaction price of the currency pair recorded at the date and time indicated at the top of the column. Green numbers indicate an increase in price and red numbers indicate a decrease in price from the previous column recorded price. Black numbers indicate no change in price from the previous column recorded price.

PRICE ARROWS; small arrows indicate minor price movements in each currency pair. Large arrows indicate a large price movement in each currency pair. Green arrows indicate that the price has increased from the previous column recorded price and red arrows indicate a drop in price from the previous column recorded price.

Flashing Long or Short Signals

All Signals that appear on this free version of the DiCHI Index are TradeCurrencyNow.com testing new and different signal trading theories.

LONG, SHORT or LIQUIDATE (flashing) from time to time may appear in the " Price " column from an initiated Long or Short test trade.

STAY LONG or STAY SHORT may appear in in this area after a test signal on a LONG or SHORT trade is initiated.


PROFIT; indicates a profit or loss from an initiated long or short test trade. Green numbers indicate in a profit PIP position, red numbers indicate in a loss position. Black numbers indicate no profit or loss of PIPs.


NOTES; when you click on this link or the currency pair links below the NOTES link a separate note box will appear. The NOTES link will post general currency market information.The CURRENCY PAIR (such as AUD-CHF) links will post notes usally pertaining to each currency pair respectively. You might notice an in house note code immediately following the date, such as A,FP or Anthony. These note codes are for internal use and do not have any bearing on market direction.

Chart link

CHART LINKS; when the chart link is clicked on a separate manually controlled chart will appear. The charts for the currency pairs when opened will show a general currency chart. To go to the desired currency pair chart click on "MAJORS" and then click on the currency pair you would like to view a chart of. When the precious metal chart links are clicked on the individual respective precious metal chart will appear.

The DiCHI Forex Index

Di=Directional C=Currency H=Height I=Indicator Forex Index Developed by Anthony DiChi in 2009. The DiCHI Index measures currency pair direction while also indicating the height of currency pair price change and currency pair momentum up or down movement. The DiCHI Index is based on daily USA Forex FX market closing prices (5 PM East Coast USA time) Monday thru Friday.

What Does Index Mean?

A statistical measure of change in an economy or a market. In the case of financial markets, an index is a representation of a particular market or a portion of it. Each index has its own calculation methodology and is usually expressed in terms of a change from a prior value. Thus, the percentage change is more important than the actual numeric value.

Disclaimer / Website Disclosure

Although the trading information on this web site is the main information I use on a regular basis, the information should be used for information purposes only. The content and statements on this web site and in the foundation set up in no way constitutes financial advice and no guarantees are made. This information should not be used as a replacement for research by an individual investor or licensed investment professional. Forex currency trading as almost all investments carries financial risks.


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